Woodward Reservoir by Oakdale, California. September 2015.

I went as part of the crew to set up the FairWeather floating art gallery so I got to see the festival come alive with the different teams building the separate stages and spaces. Everything was extremely visually pleasing from the massive bamboo structures to the art installations that lit up at night. New this time were art boats which ranged from simple small platforms to the Drift, a floating treehouse, to the Delorean Hovercraft. There was so much to see that I didn’t even get into taking photos of all the live paintings made during the event, the various performances, talks and workshops or the Alchemy Village area which featured permaculture and nutrition education as well as health and wellness spa services. The highlight for me was waking up unplanned on Sunday in time to catch the sunrise and finding out to my surprise Tipper was playing an unannounced sunrise DJ set.

Cameras: Sony a7ii, Panasonic FZ1000



Art Installations

Art Boats

FairWeather Gallery Setup

Sunrises & Sunsets