Photo shoot in Alviso, California. May 2015.

Photo shoot with the enigmatic Dax Bellyslug (AKA James) in Alviso, the most desolate city in the San Francisco Bay Area that I know of. I wanted to create a Mad Max-inspired look after watching the Fury Road movie and only knew one person bad ass and bald enough to pull it off. (The jacket he’s wearing is motorcycle armor modified by a costume & special effects professional.) Mr. “I wear Italian steel shin plated boots” and “Pastel colors burn my eyes” is an pastĀ member of the Death Guild Thunderdome crew. When he’s not riding his black motorcycle running down squirrels, he hacks on hardware, drinks soylent and is a ferret whisperer. Although underneath his tough exterior shell is really a soft gooey center that tastes like um, what is this.. cheesy pizza, with hints of leather? Oh yeah, Dax also seeksĀ a warehouse collective to join in the Bay Area where he can live and have a workshop for his hardware projects. All a dude wants is to 3D print his skulls in peace.

Camera: Sony a7ii